The Islamic School of Economics is Open to Applicants!

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants,

All praise belongs to Allah (God), may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether,

To proceed,

The Islamic School of Economics is pleased to announce that it is now officially open to applicants for the 2021 year.

The remaining semester of 2021 is to begin on Saturday 3rd of July at the Salafi Centre in Lamin, Gambia down the Lamin Lodge Junction road.

There is planned to be one class going through the major subjects area as detailed on our Course Page. There is one class planned to be held at a time with one teacher per lesson in an Islamic Lesson/Lecture format.

Hardback Pads and Ballpoint Pens are to be provided to all students and students will be, in shaa’ Allah, directed in how to study and make the most of the semester.

Study Fees for this term are to be 500 Dalasi/month per student (for a 6 month semester), or 2,500 Dalasi for the whole semester if paid upfront.

This semester will hopefully provide the basis for longer ongoing study with the School, a part of lifelong learning and a foundation for long term relationships between the school and the students.

From the aims of the teaching at the School is teaching to stand for themselves as upright, honourable Muslims who act upon knowledge and insight in their religion and worldly life.

The minimum age for students in The Gambia is 13 and we ask that students be motivated themselves to study.

For international students we ask for a minimum age of 18 and that all students purchase their Residence Permit from The Gambian Immigration Office. This is very simple and we are happy to provide advice and assistance to students.

For more information on study at the ISofE, please see our Course Page, and if you have an additional query please visit our Contact Us Page.

To begin the Admissions Process, please reach out to us via the Contact Form on the above linked page, or Click Here to Contact Us via Whatsapp.

We ask Allah, The Perfect and Most High, to guide us to those deeds which He loves and is pleased with, and that He extols His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grants him peace, his family and companions altogether.

– Islamic School of Economics